Instrumental commissions

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We specialise in heart-pounding soundtracks for film & TV and enjoy fusing rock dynamics with orchestral arrangements. Reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s work this style makes us especially suited to scoring film trailers . We are equally adept in producing poignant & atmospheric piano-led pieces.



Guitar, electronica & strings-based track which builds to a dramatic climax, ideal for intense scenes.


Into the Fray

Ambient loop-based opening developed into guitar-driven middle with piano coda.



Guitar led track which builds slowly to reach an explosive climax.



Poignant piano & cello piece.


Colour Lapse

Percussive & tense Zimmer-esque track with insistent motifs and guitar squall.


Broken Wave

Guitar and piano piece which switches into a frenetic middle section & fast-paced coda. Especially suitable for sport montages.



Ethereal guitar-led track with piano middle section, which develops into a halcyon-feel ending.


Firestorm BST remix

 Club-feel dance track with anthemic break-down sections.



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